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about us

  Department of Medicinal Chemistry was set up based on the teaching and research groupof medicinal chemistry and the laboratory of anti-tumor drugs in 1996.  It is the core of the discipline of medicinal chemistry which was evaluated to be one of the state key disciplines in 2001.  Currently, there are 22 faculties in the department, which includes 9 professors and 6 associate professors. Among them, there are 1 Member of Chinese Academy of Science, 2 Changjiang Professors and 10 Ph.D. student supervisors. wwwPh.D. and M.S. graduate student research programs are provided in the department. 

  The mission of the department is to create new knowledge for the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents based on the structure of functional genes or proteins, which are related to cancer, virus infection, or other major diseases. Some of our faculties are nationally and internationally recognized for their innovative scientific contributions in basic and applied research.

  Current faculty research areas include: 1) Discovery and optimization of drug candidate. 2) Nucleic acid based drug discovery. 3) Synthesis and evaluation of novel saccharide. 4) Synthetic methodologies. 4) Development of the methodology of structure-based drug design. The researches are funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, and cooperative contracts with pharmaceutical companies.